Wesley R. Hoffman Collection

This collection was donated in memory of Wesley R. Hoffman, and the collection was once his possession. The collection consists of Seventy-Eight (78) mechanical and technical aviation drawings. The text of the drawings are written and printed in German. The text has been translated as close as possible, with Google Translate from German to English. The English translation are listed in the inventory. These are technical drawings that would have been used by the manufacturer for fabrication of mechanical parts and (plausibly) assembly of the Focke Wulf Condor 200 aircraft. Some of the drawings were rendered by BMW Flugmotorenbau GmbH of Munich, Germany. The types of drawings in this collection are of engine components, piping, fittings, lubrication systems, cowlings, cowling doors, molded panels, floor panels, defroster, seals, inducer, and other related components. The drawings seem not to be a complete set for the entire aircraft. They are arranged, digitally, by drawing number in chronological order. The original paper drawings are stored in an oversized, acid-free, archival storage box; they remain in the same original order as they were when first received by the Liberty Aviation Museum. They were digitally scanned for Liberty by the Preservation Department of the Cleveland Public Library, Main Building, located on Superior Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio.
Gene Smith,
Jan 31, 2019, 7:37 AM