Ward Collection

The collection of papers saved and preserved by John Martin Ward include military documents and personal papers, i.e. records, certificates, diplomas, official correspondence, military identification cards, licenses, photographs, maps, ephemera and like items. The total footprint of the records measure at 1 cubic foot. The records mainly encompass John M. Ward’s military service, however, also saved are military records of his father Francis Frederick Ward and his spouse, Sharon Lee “Gardner” Ward. This collection was appraised, processed, and organized in its original order as a series. The bulk of the records were arranged and organized into a 2” three-ring binder, by seven (7) titled, colored tab dividers by John M. Ward concerning his military career and his spouse’s military service. Overall, his original order, has been preserved, however, the military records of his father and other loose papers were unorganized and were processed and arranged into four (4) single tab file folders. Therefore, the system of arrangement for this collection is by series into one (1) 2” grey three-ring binder with seven (7) colored tab dividers, four (4) single tab file folders in one legal size archival storage box.

Gene Smith,
Jan 9, 2017, 2:00 PM