Van Malsen Collection

This collection consists of several documents and records related to Lawrence James Van Malsen's military service during World War II and Reserves service in the Army Air Forces, following WWII. They include individual flight records December 1944 thru April 1948. He started as an Instructor Pilot and ended as a Liaison Pilot in the AAF. The records also include physical examination forms, property issue data forms, records while he was stationed in Memphis and Blytheville, Arkansas, and personal orders. There are thirty-seven (37) photographs of his military service and personal photographs of aviation related photography, i.e. airplanes etc... Finally, the collection consists of personal correspondence, i.e. letters, a Christmas card, and postcards; souvenir postcards, personal news clippings, photocopied news articles, and general information. A portion of the records deal with his service while in the Michigan Army National Guard as well.

Overall, the original order, has been preserved, however, the original folders and other loose papers were unorganized and were processed and arranged into five (5) single tab file folders. Therefore, the system of arrangement for this collection is by series into five (5) single tab file folders in one legal size archival storage box. The aggregate footprint of the records and documents measure at 1 cubic foot.

Gene Smith,
Sep 20, 2017, 1:34 PM