Toth Collection

The collection of papers saved and preserved by Richard "Dick" Toth encompasses documents and media about the National Air Races from the twentieth century into the early twenty-first century in Cleveland, Ohio and Reno, Nevada. The types of documents and media are records on types of racing airplanes, airplane data, and air racing results. There are also technical drawings of race planes, manuscripts (i.e. histories), and digital media, i.e. DVD's, CD's and VHS video tapes concerning the National Air Races. Additionally, there are photo albums and loose photographs of racing airplanes, biographies about significant individuals involved with air racing, publications of air racing articles, journals, calendars, aircraft identification cards (spotter cards), prints, and miscellaneous files. The total footprint of the records measure at 6.4 cubic foot. There was no original overall order, other than the creator of this collection organized much of it into three-ring binders with titles. This collection was appraised, processed, and organized as an artificial collection because of its original arrangement for the convenience of description or retrieval. The organization within the collection arrangement is by topic, then alphabetically within each topic and somewhat by chronology. The bulk of the records were arranged and organized into a 1.5" three-ring binders. The creator's original order has been preserved as much is possible. However, to make a more relevant and sensible order, it has been rearranged by related topics.  Therefore, the system of arrangement for this collection is by artificial collection into topics and then alphabetically into three-ring binders, file folders, page protectors and report covers in four letter size, "Banker's Box" storage boxes.
Gene Smith,
Jan 18, 2017, 11:23 AM