Latez Collection

This collection consists of training documents, training examinations, handwritten training notes, newsletters and a personal letter relating to Elliot Latez's time of military service in the United States Coast Guard while training at the US Army's, Edgewood Arsenal in Edgewood, Maryland during World War II to become a Chemical Weapons Specialist. These documents demonstrate the thorough training that military personnel received in regards to the defense from and use of chemical weapons if necessary during World War II. They cover the different types of chemical agents that could be used, from lethal exposure to non-lethal exposure. They explain the effects of the chemicals, the odor, breathing apparatus use, first aid procedures due to exposure and more. The documents and notes also document the use of smoke as a cover to avoid detection while on a marine vessel. 
The depth of the documents indicate that Mr. Latez may have helped with instruction duties as well. There items were categorized and organized by theme, and then chronologically, into three (3) archival file folders and stored in one archival quality box.

Gene Smith,
Feb 6, 2017, 8:06 AM