Borton Collection

This collection consists of photographs of individuals and airplanes connected and related to the Cleveland National Air Races, i.e. racing pilots, airplane owners, spectators, racing airplanes, and more. There are other photographs of the General Airmotive Corporation school, military airplanes, aerial and panoramic views, and the Thompson Aeronautical Corporation. In addition to the photographs, there are prints of former aviation artist, Charles H. Hubbell, as well as many calendars from 1939 through the 1940s featuring Hubbell’s artwork. There are three (3) autographed Hubbell prints by Charles H. Hubbell.  Among the inventory are reprint advertisement flyers from Fortune Magazine of the former Thompson Products Corporation, as well as laminated placemats commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Cleveland National Air Races in 1979. The placemats were distributed as souvenirs at the Cleveland National Air Show. This collection has been processed and kept in its original organizational format, i.e. by subject in the photograph collections, and the prints and etc. were organized by subject, chronologically. The photographs are stored in plastic archival presentation pockets, in labeled, acid-free storage boxes. The prints are stored in a flat acid-free, oversized, storage box, and layered in acid-free tissue paper.

Gene Smith,
Feb 20, 2019, 7:56 AM