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Liberty Aviation Museum Archives

Mission Statement 

The purpose of these online archive lists are to give access to the public of our paper archives for educational and research purposes. Liberty Aviation Museum is dedicated to providing historians, aircraft and vehicle preservationists, collectors and other interested individuals, information that is helpful in propagating the history of military and civilian aviation and modes of transportation in general. We work for the acquisition, restoration, operation, preservation and display of historic aircraft, vehicles and related items at the museum, with a heavy emphasis on public education.

Scope and Content

Our archives encompass five general areas of interest: 

  • Military Aviation
  • Civilian Aviation
  • General Transportation
  • Local/Regional History 
  • Northern Ohio Veterans' Oral Histories

You will also find a listing of the purchased/donated/gifted objects, relics, artifacts, photographs and more that have been cataloged into our museum's collections database that are available, offline, for research as well.

A portion of our archival collections came from papers that were a part of the Michigan Military Preservation Society collection in Grand Rapids, Michigan and were transferred to our museum in 2014.

The archival collections of the Liberty Aviation Museum are not digitized and are available for viewing at the museum only! However, the finding aid for each collection is what is uploaded to this website to give you an idea of what is available for research and educational purposes.

We encourage you and others to explore our collections to discover things new to you from the past!

Rules and Regulations of Archives Access

Admission Information

1.  Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Mon. – Friday) Appointments are necessary in the winter due to the possibility of 

     limited hours.

2.  Fees: No fees, archives access is free, with exception to copying services, or if you plan to tour the museum. 

     Archives access is limited to the classroom area in Gallery One!

3.  Registration: All archive users must register and sign in at the front desk and present valid photo identification, i.e.

     Driver’s License, School ID, Work ID, State Identification Card, etc.

4.  Valuable or Significant Archival Materials: It is required that a user/patron leave his/her Driver’s License or other valid

     photo ID (w/address) with the Archivist or front desk staff at the front desk, if they are to access and use valuable and/or

     significant books and/or other valuable archival materials. The ID will be returned when the book(s) and/or archival  

     materials are returned to museum personnel.

5.  Personal Items: LAM is not responsible for lost, broken or stolen articles.

6.  Food and any types of drink are not permitted in the museum or classroom area!


Reading Room Procedures


1. All archive materials must be handled with the utmost care.

2. The use of fountain pens is not permitted. #2 Pencils only!

3. All books, documents, records, manuscripts, periodicals, newspapers, maps, prints, photographic materials, DVD, CD and

    etc. must be used in the classroom area. The L.A.M. Archive is not a lending library.

4. Researchers and general users may use a laptop and/or media player to watch or listen to DVD’s or CD’s from the collection.

    However, headphones or earbuds must be used when listening or watching media as not to disturb other museum patrons, 

    staff and/or volunteers. The use of portable/mobile scanners are permitted as well, as long as it is a mobile flatbed or

    Magic Wand scanner.

5. Patrons shall not attempt to put back in storage or reshelve any archival materials. Please return all archival materials to 

    museum personnel at the gift shop or Archivist’s office.

6. All users are required to wear cotton archival gloves when handling antiquated (old) and/or fragile documents.

7. Access to some collections and/or documents, oversized documents, rare and oversize books that are in fragile condition

    are restricted from access.



Copying Services

1. Materials that are not likely to be damaged in the process may be photocopied for patrons by the Archivist. The Liberty 

    Aviation Museum does not guarantee the quality of copies.


    Black & White- $0.35 per page

    Color: $1.00 per page

    Copy requests are accepted until 3:30 p.m. daily.

    Limit: 50 copies.

2. Limited copying services are available. Only letter size copies can be accommodated per, available, on-site, equipment.

3. There is no photocopying of oversize prints and photographs, oversize books, artwork, fragile documents, and the like.


·  Misuse of any archival materials or failure to abide by Archive Regulations and Procedures may result in being expelled from the Liberty Aviation Museum and any of its property(s).

·  LAM is a member of the American Association of State and Local History and follows its guidelines for archival administration and abides by the Ohio Revised Code concerning all applicable laws.