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Liberty Aviation Museum Archives

Mission Statement 

The purpose of these online archive lists are to give access to the public of our paper archives for educational and research purposes. Liberty Aviation Museum is dedicated to providing historians, aircraft and vehicle preservationists, collectors and other interested individuals, information that is helpful in propagating the history of military and civilian aviation and modes of 

transportation in general. We work for the acquisition, restoration, operation, preservation and display of 

historic aircraft, vehicles and related items at the museum, with a heavy emphasis on public education.

Scope and Content

Our archives encompass four general areas of interest: 

  • Military Aviation
  • Civilian Aviation
  • General Transportation
  • Local/Regional History 

You will also find a listing of the purchased/donated/gifted objects, relics, artifacts, photographs and more that have been cataloged into our museum's collections database that are available, offline, for research as well.

We encourage you and others to explore our collections to discover things new to you from the past!

Our site is limited in resources as of now because it is new, under development and ongoing in its construction.